Ron Stoppable || 18 || Human || OPEN || Looks like Hunter Parrish

└ Biography 

Ron can never do anything right, that’s just how it goes. That’s how it’s always been for him. He was always the last one to finish in gym and the one that got the worst score on tests. Though, every time, without fail, Kim was there to help him, even if it was just to give him encouragement to keep going. That’s just what she did. Ever since they were 6, and Kim punched Drakken in the face while they were on the playground for picking on him, they’d been best friends. There was never one without the other. Partners in crime was the main term used for them as, it always seemed like they were up to something.

It was Kim who offered him the bite, only getting it a few weeks before. But, after anxiety and fear set into him when she said there was a small chance his body would reject it, the boy said no. Though, she assures him often that the offer is still on the table if he ever wants to take it. It’s something that he thinks about taking often, but he hasn’t grown the courage to ask. The one thought that keeps popping into his head is one that questions if it will make her seem him differently. Maybe if he did accept it she’s start to like him more. More than just a friend. But that’s ridiculous, it’s not something that would ever happen. So instead, most of the time he doesn’t spend with Kim you can find him hanging out with his “brother” Rufus.

└ Relationships

Kim Possible - Best friend, Possible love interest 

Rufus Nacco - Best friend, Adopted brother

Shego Santez - Don’t get along

Drew “Drakken” Lipsky - Hatred 


✔ Loyal

✔ Accepting

✘ Clumsy

Kim Possible || 19 || Werewolf || Lykos Beta || OPEN || Looks like Karen Gillian

└ Biography 

Kim Possible, the girl that can do anything. That’s how people talk about her. Even before the bite she excelled at almost everything she tried. Though, her friend Ron seemed to be quite the opposite. Kim never liked bullies. She thought it was just downright mean to pick on someone. So, when she saw Drakken picking on him she wasn’t going to stand for it. Kim marched right over and popped him one square in the face. Since then Ron seemed to take a shine to her and, almost instantly, they became inseparable. The girl was always dragging him into her troublesome schemes. Kim has always taken a certain liking to Ron, sometimes she feels the liking rises above just friendship but she soon tries to push it away. She doesn’t want to ruin the friendship that they have.

When they hit high school, despite the fact that they quickly fell into two different social groups, they stayed close friends. Though Kim also met a girl named Shego. Shego seemed troublesome just like her so they got along. The two were close friends so when she offered Kim the bite she took it without much thought. She followed Shego to her pack, the Blaids, but soon enough found she didn’t belong there. When she told her friend this everything changed. Shego became cold toward her a hatred starting to grow. The same thing happened to Kim, ever since the two can’t stand each other. But it wasn’t long after that she found the Lykos. And, even though they’re not exactly like her, she finds she fits more here than anywhere else. She’s constantly offering Ron the bite, though every time he says no, and every time it hurts her a little.

└ Relationships

Shego Santez - Former friend, Enemy 

Drew “Drakken” Lipsky - Don’t get along

Ron Stoppable - Best friend, Potential love interest


✔ Fast learner

✔ Outgoing

✘ Cocky

✘ Stubborn

Jane Porter || 18 || Human || OPEN || Looks like Alexis Bledel

└ Biography 

It’s always just been Jane and her dad. She’s always been the pure definition of a daddies girl. Her and her father have a close relationship even now. He tells her tales of before, when there were werewolves and druids. He talks about what he’s seen and, together, they study them more. They both agree that there’s no way that they’re gone completely. If it’s even just one or two, there has to be some left in Beacon Hills. Jane hopes that one day she’ll be able to meet them. After all, the best way to study something is to do it first hand, to have the thing in front of you instead of just some text on a page.

As of recently, Jane’s cousin John has come to stay with them. She doen’t remember him too well seeing as, from what her father says, she only met him a few times when she was younger, but from what she can see he doesn’t seem too bad. Though she’s not sure why he came to stay with them. She can never seem to get a straight answer from him However, after his arrival, her attention was quickly torn from the curiosity that he peeked. Beautiful face, blue eyes, dread locks. Tarzan Golding. That’s what was distracting her. For some reason she can’t get the boy out of her head since the first time she saw him. 

└ Relationships

Tarzan Golding - Potential love interest

John Clayton - Relative


✔ Intelligent

✔ Strong willed

✘ Pushover

✘ Too giving

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Aster Bunnymund || 18 || Werewolf || Blaid Beta || OPEN || Looks like Colton Haynes

└ Biography 

Born into a family of werewolves, Aster was the youngest child. His parents were doting, and he didn’t want that. He’s rough around the edges, and has a definite tough guy personality. Once he turned 18 he left home and never looked back. After travelling from place to place, remaining a packless lone wolf, Aster finally stumbled across Beacon Hills. He figured it was as good of a place as any to settle, his choice of packs and located far from his parents. He settled down, and even went as far as re-enrolling for his last year in high school and joining the lacrosse team.

And then he met Vanessa Black. He was drawn to her, for sure. Intrigued and a little curious to see how she would run a pack. He could tell she was powerful, and he liked that. He has a strong distaste for Jack Frost, one of the Blaid Druids, because he always seems to be underfoot, and Aster fails to see how he’s actually benefiting the pack. But don’t let his harsh exterior completely fool you. There is a soft side to him, somewhere deep down. If he truly cares about someone, they’ll know, and they’ll be one of the luckiest people for it.

└ Relationships

Jack Frost - Do not get along

Vanessa Black - Mentor


✔ Strong Willed

✔ Loyal and Caring friend

✘ Too serious

✘ Blunt

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Anastasia Romanov || 16 || Werewolf || Lykos Beta || OPEN || Looks like Jane Levy

└ Biography 

"Call me Anya" is probably the first thing you’ll hear Anastasia say. She was born into a wealthier family, but she never really connected with them or the higher status, spending most of her time on the streets, hanging out with people who expected less of her. It wasn’t so much that she minded being wealthy, she just thought there was more to life than money, and parties, and formalities and titles.

She was offered the bite only two months ago, and she said yes immediately. It was something new for her to try, and it was something that didn’t have to do with her wealthy past. Her parents found out, however, and cast her out. They couldn’t have someone like her tarnishing the family reputation. So she struck out on her own. Anya is a strong character, proud and stubborn. But she’s also curious, and kind when she wants to be. At times she can be a bit childish, but her heart’s in the right place. When she was kicked out of her house, she met a guy named Dimitri who took her into his home. He’s around her own age, and he’s been living on his own for a while. The two argue a lot, but he’s grown on her in the time she’s been staying with him. It was he who linked her with the Lykos pack, as he was also a member.

└ Relationships

Dimitri Richenko - Housemate, potential love interest


✔ Sweet

✔ Strong character

✘ Stubborn

✘ Childish

John Clayton || 23 || Hunter || OPEN || Looks like Tyler Hoechlin

└ Biography 

John is a ruthless and unruly hunter. Now, even for hunters, whose main objective is to kill, there’s a code of ethics and guidelines to follow. While he assures the rest of the Avici that he follows them, he doesn’t. John plays by his own rules. And, while they’ve worked for him in the end, one of these times he’s bound to run into trouble. Most hunters are taught to try and hunt out the werewolves but over the years John has discovered a new tactic.

The druids. He studied the werewolves for years and every time without fail he was brought back to the druids. Since then he’s been looking into them, finding out more information. Because of all of that John developed his own personal tactic for hunting. You go for the druid. They always lead you to the wolves, the ones you really want. Sure enough, while staying with family in Beacon Hills he’s started to notice a boy by the name of Tarzan. It’s just small little quarks that most others wouldn’t notice but the signs all point to druid. So, for now, John will keep the fact that he’s a hunter under reps and befriend the boy, get him to trust him, and, ultimately, destroy the pack he’s aligned with.

└ Relationships

Tarzan Golding - Enemy

Jane Porter - Relative 


✔ Smart

✔ Charming

✘ Dishonest

✘ Rutheless