Astrid Hofferson || 17 || Hunter || OPEN || Looks like Nina Nesbitt

└ Biography 

Rough, tough, and ferocious. These are the words that come to mind when someone thinks of Astrid Hofferson. She trained in Norway for years to be a hunter, leaving her small village with a select few other hunters to join the Avici hunters. She’s pretty much dedicated her whole life to learning how to take down packs of werewolves.

Of course things don’t always go the way they were planned. Astrid’s plan upon reaching Beacon Hills had been to attend the high school and blend in, remaining anonymous and avoiding contact that wasn’t necessary between her and the other students. Part of this was for convenience, and part of it was because she thought she was better than them. Had they trained their whole life and become part of an elite group of hunters? No. And yet- She’s noticed a guy around school, people keep calling him Hiccup, though she’s not sure that’s his real name. And he’s caught her attention. She knows that she shouldn’t let anything distract her from the real reason she came to Beacon Hills, but she can’t really help it when it comes to him. He’s got her curious.

└ Relationships

Harald “Hiccup” Haddock - Potential love interest


✔ Diligent

✔ Strong

✘ Snobby

✘ Vicious

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