Kim Possible || 19 || Werewolf || Lykos Beta || OPEN || Looks like Karen Gillian

└ Biography 

Kim Possible, the girl that can do anything. That’s how people talk about her. Even before the bite she excelled at almost everything she tried. Though, her friend Ron seemed to be quite the opposite. Kim never liked bullies. She thought it was just downright mean to pick on someone. So, when she saw Drakken picking on him she wasn’t going to stand for it. Kim marched right over and popped him one square in the face. Since then Ron seemed to take a shine to her and, almost instantly, they became inseparable. The girl was always dragging him into her troublesome schemes. Kim has always taken a certain liking to Ron, sometimes she feels the liking rises above just friendship but she soon tries to push it away. She doesn’t want to ruin the friendship that they have.

When they hit high school, despite the fact that they quickly fell into two different social groups, they stayed close friends. Though Kim also met a girl named Shego. Shego seemed troublesome just like her so they got along. The two were close friends so when she offered Kim the bite she took it without much thought. She followed Shego to her pack, the Blaids, but soon enough found she didn’t belong there. When she told her friend this everything changed. Shego became cold toward her a hatred starting to grow. The same thing happened to Kim, ever since the two can’t stand each other. But it wasn’t long after that she found the Lykos. And, even though they’re not exactly like her, she finds she fits more here than anywhere else. She’s constantly offering Ron the bite, though every time he says no, and every time it hurts her a little.

└ Relationships

Shego Santez - Former friend, Enemy 

Drew “Drakken” Lipsky - Don’t get along

Ron Stoppable - Best friend, Potential love interest


✔ Fast learner

✔ Outgoing

✘ Cocky

✘ Stubborn